'Eco Planning Your Property' Workshop A Success!

A little over a week ago we decided we would put together and run an impromptu workshop... on how to eco plan for your property.  The idea had been perculating for around the past seven months, while working with our various clients in Green Bridge - as we became aware of the need for some good information around this topic.

The first 'trial run' workshop was held this Saturday, just a week after deciding to see if there was any interest... and even with minimal advertising or preparation time (I didn't get back from an Eco Design Conference in Hamilton until late Thursday night) - it turned out to be a great success! 


Some of the feedback/comments from the workshop included...
"Great overview of eco design & build on property, can see in action"
"A fun day with lots of great info, which was all clear and very useful"
"Good mix of ambient chill and professionality"


So much so, that we we have had several requests to hold a second workshop for the people that couldn't make the first one on such short notice...  So we are going to hold another one!


Meaning that on Saturday the 24th November we will be holding the second (refined)...

ECO PLANNING YOUR PROPERTY workshop from our "work in progress demonstration site" on Hurford Rd in Omata, New Plymouth.


If there is enough interest from attendees, we wii also look to run a series of "Eco Your Home" workshops in the new year in areas people have indicated they want more detail.   If you're interested or want to have a say in next years workshop topics, then be in quick as numbers will be limited... drop us a line on 06 751 5556 or check out our website for further details greenbridge.co.nz 


So thankyou to everyone that attended the first one and also to the people that pushed us into putting on another!

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