Game-changing project in Auckland with Ockham

We are very excited to be working on a large, 115 apartment development with Ockham Residential at Hobsonville Point in Auckland.  Now you might be wondering - why are GreenBridge, a company that holds ‘Keep it Local’ as one of their key values, excited about a project in Auckland? 


Well the answer is simple… GreenBridge’s primary purpose is to work on projects that can shape the way things are being done for the better.  And Ockham Residential’s work definitely falls into that category! 


As the first company in NZ to build an apartment to a 9 star HomeStar rating, the self proclaimed ‘Urban Regenerators’ at Ockham Residential are focused on creating human-centered environments that enhance community living and respect the natural landscape they are built within.  And, in 2009 they founded “The Ockham Foundation”, which is a registered Charity created to encourage educational initiatives that encourage critical thought, independent thinking, and foster a sense of social justice…


GreenBridge is designing the spaces between the buildings - to enhance the community in a way that connects the residents to each other and to the natural landscape.


We became involved in the project after receiving an invitation from Malcolm Rand (CEO of Ecostore), who is partnering with Ockham Residential for his next planned project through Fairground Foundation: developing an open-source urban eco-village.  Malcolm and I have been talking about this idea since meeting a couple of years ago while both speaking at an event in Wellington.


The project with Ockham has been a whirlwind. We are currently in the developed design phase, following an intense concept design phase that culminated in presenting our concept designs to the Auckland Council’s design panel in a packed room - just three weeks after first visiting the site.




Daniel Woolley is founding director of GreenBridge.

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