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Lots of exciting things have been happening in our business lately, with us working on a range of exciting projects from an urban house and garden in Blagdon through to a 10 acre block in Bell Block and discussions around a larger Eco-community in New Plymouth.  We were also invited to speak at the Puke Ariki 'speed date to renovate' evening in mid Jan, were approached for another radio interview and are involved in the planning for this years National Permaculture Hui to be held in Taranaki.
Over the past few months, several of our friends and colleagues have asked us  what it is that we actually do in our business?  And now that we have been operating for almost a year, we have a clear vision about what that is and we'd like to share with it with you...
A brief history…  For several years I had been looking for an opportunity to apply my passion for sustainability in a field I could be proud of.  Having developed and run my own business in Wellington, I knew what it took to build something from scratch and we began retraining, in permaculture, organic gardening, sustainability and most importantly putting it to practice by buying 10 acres of raw farmland north of the mountain.  In mid 2011, we relocated a house on our new land - with the vision that in the future, we would build a second dwelling of alternative materials and that the development of both the land and these two dwellings, would provide one example of what someone could do with their property in Taranaki with sustainability in mind.
Despite our knowledge and experience (both Bena & I have degrees in design, are qualified permaculture designers and I built and ran my own design and project management business for 7 years), it proved difficult find the information, people and resources required to easily develop our property along sustainable lines and it was through this challenge, that the idea for our new business was seeded…  So  in April last year, Green Bridge was launched!
Green Bridge is about pulling together the information, services and products required to sustainably develop land, garden and home. Whether implementing a productive urban garden, or completing a full renovation/new build and strategic development of a rural property, we make bridging the gap to sustainable living accessible and easy.
We have an in-house focus on assessment, design & project management and a network of over 40 partnered experts/contractors -  which enables us to offer anything from a few hours advice, right through to a complete assessment, design & implementation package.


If you want to find out more, check out our website at (or click the 'Site' button above) 

If you didn't already know - this years  National Permaculture Hui is being held here in Taranaki from the 9-11 March.  As part of the pre-events surrounding the Hui, we are holding a  'Finding & Planning Your Eco-Property' workshop on Sat 2nd March at our 'work-in-progress' demonstration site in Omata.  Numbers are  limited to 15 people and its running at a reduced cost of $10/person, so be in quick if you want to attend… For more details about this workshop about the Hui itself or the other events organized around it go to our website or check out

Daniel talking to people at the Puke Ariki speed date to renovate evening



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