The start of our sustainability focussed Blog...

Aerial photo of our 10-acre block on Hurford Rd, Omata (before we bought it).



Since moving onto our land, we've had repeated requests to email photo's of what we have been doing with the land and house from various people, as well as more recently - being asked for updates of what we've been doing with our new business...



This Blog is the result! - the focus will be ' sustainability' and it will include what we have learnt, through the sustainably focused development of our property and house in Omata, what is happening in regards to sustainability in Taranaki and also what we are doing about sustainability, through our work in Green Bridge.
So if you are interested in; sustainability, how to live a healthier life, how to live lighter on the land, or simply want to keep informed of what positive things are happening in Taranaki around sustainability - then this blog is for you!


If there is something in particular you would like to hear about? - Let me know!

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