Welcoming Kama Burwell to the Greenbridge team!

We have have worked alongside amazing local ecological designer and water engineer Kama Burwell on several of our projects, so when we recently had the chance to intergrate her more closely into what we are doing in Greenbridge - we of course jumped at the opportunity!


Kama has a wealth of knowledge, including; permaculture design, organic farming and terraquaculture through to water engineering.  Within the Greenbridge team, Kama will be utilising her experience of designing lifestyle blocks, productive gardens etc, to head up our 'Eco-land' arm of the business and we feel very lucky to have her!

We look forward to many exciting projects and also developments in what we are able to offer our clients with Kama as part of our team and asked her to give you a quick overview of her background and experience...


As an ecological designer I draw on 15 years experience in environmental engineering, delivering sustainability education, teaching permaculture and terraquaculture.   I specialize in the sustainable development of landscapes and watersheds: restoring springs & waterways; creating productive & beautiful landscapes; and utilizing water & wastewater productively.
With her husband and two children, Kama lived on a lifestyle block for 10 years where she experimented with multi-functional shelterbelts, treecrops, food forests, forestry, market gardening, greywater systems and rice paddies. She has featured in and written for both Lifestyle Block and OrganicNZ magazine.
Moving to suburban New Plymouth in 2012 to enjoy community-living, Kama is currently developing an suburban oasis modelled on traditional pacific-asia farming.

If you didn't already know Greenbridge's in-house services cover from the urban environment through to the rural lifestyle block and are broken into three area's to cover the full scope of sustainable properties;


  • Eco-Land - which looks at the overall infrastructure of a 1-10acre property.
  • Eco-Garden - which focusses in on the landscaping and in particular the productive gardens upto 1 acre &
  • Eco-Home - which looks at the house itself and (among other things) how to design or renovate to improve energy, heating & water performances.











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