Projects that focus on community resiliency are unique to the individuals, hapu, region, budget restraints, intent and purpose of the project.  Whether it be an eco village, papakianga, co-housing, school orchard or community resource centre, there is an overriding shared vision of the stakeholders to improve community health and wellbeing, connectedness and the environment.

John Manaway Entry

John Mana Way is New Plymouth's first POCKET NEIGHBOURHOOD. Greenbridge was asked by Pepper Construction to design a cluster of six homes gathered around a landscaped common area.

South Long View

At John Mana Way, front boundary fences don't exist, rather rain gardens create buffer spaces between public and private areas and soak storm water in on site. A looped path links households together.

North View Long View

John Mana Way. In a pocket neighbourhood, homes are 'nested' together to ensure privacy between cottages while allowing view shafts into the common space, which improves neighbourhood security.

View Shaft Verandah

John Mana Way. Individual homes have a front 'verandah room' which is functional (not just an aesthetic add on) and allows for a transition from public to private areas, often becoming a 'bump space' where neighbours stop and chat. Quote in article from resident??

Verandah 2

John Mana Way. Homes are small footprint to allow for cost effective builds, higher density (without compromising liveability) and of passive solar design. Letter-box-pods (foreground) are another great 'bump space' intervention.

Plan Shared-Public & Garden Plan John ManaWay


GA Papakianga

Katere Marae PAPAKIANGA SKETCH CONCEPT. On behalf of his whanau, Glen Skipper asked Greenbridge to provide some concept designs for this small block of whanau land on the west side of Smart Road. One of two concepts, these are ‘broad brush’, intended to give the whanau some ideas for the potential development of this site as a papakainga. Visions of the whanau included; “interconnected houses and community, orchards and gardens, an example, showing what could be and a place for whanau to come up and gather, especially youngsters``. A beautiful vision!

Permablitz Team

PERMABLITZ TEAM. One of Greenbridge's first clients, Susan McDonald was the recipient of a Permablitz, to install a 100sqm food forest. A permablitz is a rapid install of a permaculture design.

Plan & Three Year Image Food Forest Permablitz

PERMABLITZ FOOD FOREST CONCEPTS & FOOD FOREST AT YEAR THREE. “The food forest is fabulous beyond words. Everything you bought or brought is in exactly its right place and flourishing magnificently. One thing that strikes me every time I’m there is that the food forest has replaced a bit of lawn that used to be really small, sloping and unpromising and now it’s a very respectable orchard with five big standard fruit trees plus all their companions and under-plants, and it’s a totally inspiring use of space.” Susan MacDonald

Sign & Mug Shot Beach Road Milk

BEACH ROAD SIGN & TEAM UNDERTAKING COMMUNITY GARDENS INSTALL. Megan and Ryan Gargan (right in photo) of Beach Road Milk in Omata are creating a community space outside their shop, with edibles for the community to enjoy. The project is a local food collaboration, with Greenbridge (Bena, left) putting together the design for the space, Aden (left back) from The Fruity Gardener providing input and plants, and Ryan and Toby (back centre) from Kaitake Farm doing the hard yakka and putting the trees and plants in!

Plan Beach Road Milk

PLAN BEACH ROAD COMMUNITY ORCHARD & BEAUTY PLANTING. ``Wow what a fantastic caring thing to do. Well done`` Denise Novak ``Wooooooh amazing`` Tahl Lowers

Statement Bernoulli Gardens

BERNOULLI GARDENS, Hobsonville Point, Auckland by Ockham Residential. Ockham appointed Greenbridge to undertake the community landscaping aspect of this project. The apartments and environs showcase a continuing commitment to deliver innovative, best practice housing and landscaping to Aucklander’s.

View From Community Lounge Bernoulli Gardens

BERNOULLI GARDENS CENTRAL GLADE OFF COMMUNITY LOUNGE. The inspiration for Bernoulli Gardens was simply to build a sense of community by creating a relaxed, informal garden environment for all residents to share. Removal of fences and concrete driveways have allowed Bernoulli Gardens to create a central communal green and residents lounge.

Pocket Park Bernoulli Gardens

BERNOULLI GARDENS POCKET PARK DESIGN. Pocket parks, bump spaces and other onsite amenity foster a sense of community and connectedness. The visual connections from the apartments to the shared parks and greens reinforce this urban village setting.

Pocket Park from Street Bernoulli Gardens

POCKET PARK VIEW FROM STREET. Bernoulli Gardens are sited in the former airbase and brick factories of Hobsonville and the timeless, low maintenance masonry facades are a natural counterpoint to the living green gardens that change with the seasons.

Title Omata School Orchard

OMATA SCHOOL ORCHARD DESIGN & INSTALL was a year long, school wide ‘rich topic’, the objective of which ‘is a sustainable, visually enticing, accessible space, where children and community can connect with nature and nutrition.” Greenbridge Mum and landscape designer, Bena Denton facilitated the project.

Drone Shot Omata School Orchard

Omata School Orchard AFTER INSTALL, which transformed a previously barren, unused area into a dynamic, food –growing eco-system. Read more about the project here. ``Thank you for all your incredible work, passion and kindness in supporting the children to learn in this way. They're so lucky to have you!! Josie Roberts

Plan & Letter Omata School Orchard

One of three CONCEPT DESIGNS, which Greenbridge interpreted from the children’s designs and wants, including a speaking tube, butterfly garden and of course lots of fruit trees!

Class Room Investigation Omata School Orchard

CLASS ROOM INVESTIGATION & TEACHER FEEDBACK: Do you think the ’growing orchard’ project been worthwhile as a rich topic? Why? ``Very worthwhile as it can be integrated with so many curriculum levels and also because students of all ages can participate in learning that is suitable for them. For instance, my class have focused on what trees and seeds need to grow, and the life cycle of an apple tree and we were also able to tie it in the our Harold the Giraffe visit looking at how people use the oxygen that plants produce.`` Kelly Madden Omata Teacher Year 2’s

Working Bee Omata School Orchard

SCHOOL WORKING BEE (one of many), to install the orchard, a truely engaged community undertaking. The community raised fourteen thousand in three months for materials and plants.

Peyton in the Bean-Tee-Pee Omata School Orchard

Peyton in the Bean-Tee-Pee OMATA SCHOOL ORCHARD, constructed by the children with the help of parent Chauncy Ardell.

Live Article CRRC

COMMUNITY RESOURCE & RECOVERY CENTRE (CRRC). Greenbridge, as the lead designer for the CRRC project, was appointed by New Plymouth District Council and is Greenbridge’s highest profile project to-date. The ultimate aim of a resource recovery center is in conjunction with local and central government policy to cause the community to rethink and change how we use resources. This has implications for innovation, employment and the local economy. Read more about the project here.


PLAN of CRRC, showing the relationship between the existing transfer station at Coleson Road, retail spaces for reusable and upcycled goods and educational facilities for community workshops on ways to recycle, reuse and minimize waste.

Artists Impression CRRC

ARTISTS IMPRESSION of the PUBLIC GOOD AREA. This Public Good Area of the CRRC, in New Plymouth will be the first center of recent times in NZ to be specifically designed and constructed for its role and is a great opportunity to re-frame our conversations from ‘waste’ to resource re-distribution’ in an attractive and appealing setting.

Artists Impression 2 CRRC

ARTISTS IMPRESSION of CRRC. Part of the brief given to Greenbridge was to design a resource center that is a major part of the ‘waste’ solution, engage the community, businesses and industry to re-thing and change how we use materials and stimulate the local economy. This is a truley inspiring project to be a part of.