Edible & Ecological Gardens

Edible and ecological gardens focus on the one acre directly around the house (rural or urban).  This includes diverse food growing systems, nutrient cycling, small animal integration, as well as sensitive ecological plantings to increase food resilience and plant diversity.

Mug Shot Emma & William

Emma and William came to Greenbridge to help them sustainably develop their three acres in Oakura, surrounded by native trees and a stream. As kaitiaki o te whenua (caretakers of the land) they are treading lightly on this area of cultural significance. ``We would eventually like to share the produce and the beauty of this special place`` says Emma.

Plan Emma & William

Emma's DEVELOPED EDIBLE GARDEN DESIGN allows for abundant food production, with excess to sell & swap. The chookyard is sited so the gardener can throw in slugs, snails, and weeds from the vege garden; and to allow the chickens to forage in the orchards.

Garden Emma & William

Emma and William's picture perfect cottage garden, which featured in the first Sustainable Backyard Trail, which you can read about here....

Entry Plan Emma & William

PLANTING PLAN to re-vamp a tired entry driveway area. Colour and texture where considered and grasses interplanted for interest, while maintaining a 'lushy' sub-tropical feel.

Ecological Planting Plan Paul Winton

ECOLOGICAL DESIGN & PLANTING PLAN for a super-exposed coastal site in South Taranaki. Key problem to solve: create instant sheltered outdoor spaces whilst maintaining key views. This garden featured in a collection of Greenbridge projects that received an environmental award.

Long View Studio Paul Winton

ECOLOGICAL DESIGN, South Taranaki. Plantings are local back-dune species, mimicing local dune scapes and we hope the garden will be colonised by more local species, while seeding the adjacent reserve with species that were probably lost during development. Qi Gong studio centre.

Eucalypt Screen Paul Winton

ECOLOGICAL LANDSCAPE INSTALL. Instantly sheltered and private spaces are created by forming earth mounds and erecting eucalyptus screens.

Outdoor Fire Paul Winton

ECOLOGICAL LANDSCAPE IMPLEMENT. The clients’ vision was a sanctuary to enjoy family and friends, where they can melt into nature. The client 's feedback; “The outcome is great and resolves a long standing issue of what needs to be done on the site. It was lovely spending time in the new layout over summer and the response from visitors was great… People love what you’ve done. I also really like the business model and aspiration you’re developing and would happily recommend you to others.”

Coastal Design Plan

BEACHY COASTAL GARDEN, Oakura; an informal coastal native and edible garden, which includes fire-pit, beach node, outdoor room and shower.

Sector Analysis Map & Edible Garden Plan Leisa & Spenser

SECTOR ANALYSIS & CONCEPT PLAN for one acre of food gardens, Hurford Road. The client's brief was to increase food resiliency and have one simple overview plan showing where to site veg gardens and fruit trees in particular.

Subtropical Edible Garden Design Daniel & Nick

PLANTING PLAN for a subtropical edible garden design for Nick and Danielle, urban New Plymouth.

Edible Garden Plan Gary & Angela

DEVELOPED GARDEN DESIGN for Gary and Angela who wanted to grow a lot more food at their place, especially veges and fruit. They desired a really practical, visually attractive garden that enhances the existing aesthetic of the site, which has lots of bush and peacefulness. The design responds to landscape contours and solar availability ie working with nature for lower effort install and use.

Sketch Concept & Photo Sustainable BY Tricia

Tricia's garden participated in the Sustainable Backyard Trail run by Sustainable Taranaki (and sponsored by Greenbridge). BASIC GARDEN SKETCH DESIGN & ABUNDANT FOOD GARDEN.

Sketch Edible Garden Design & Plan David & Suzane

David and Suzane's garden also feature in the SBY (Sustainable Backyard Trail). New (at the time) to organic gardening, David has become an expert on urban food growing and is now part of the Trust for Sustainable Taranaki.

Solar Map for Urban Edible Garden Mark & Lucy

SOLAR MAP, illustrating how much sun (or solar energy) is available mid-winter. This is important for siting of veg beds and productive plants like fruit trees.

Third Concept Urban Edible Garden Mark & Lucy

One of three CONCEPT DESIGNS, showing the layout of how the edible garden elements would function and work together. The client chose an organic shaped lawn for children's play surrounded by a compact and super productive food garden.

Layout Plan Urban Edible Garden Mark & Lucy

LAYOUT PLAN ready for landscaper install.

Regenerative Plan Urban Edible Garden Mark & Lucy

GENERAL ARRANGEMENT PLAN showing the completed design for Mark and Lucy and their children in Fitzroy.

Sustainable Edible Garden Design Lukas & Salie

DEVELOPED DESIGN. Greenbridge clients Lukas & Sallee envisage a simple, beautiful family eco-home, connected to the environment, where they will grow lots of food!

EarthWorks & Habitats & Edible Garden Plan Derek & Hazel

EDIBLE GARDEN PLAN One acre directly around the house. For super productive food growing, each habitat and microclimate niche has been fully utilised. Earth-worked platforms created these niches, platforms and swales on contour, to assist with water retention, feeding the landscape and easier navigation on slope.

Year Three after Install Derek & Hazel

Long view showing established shelter (behind house), food growing terraces and nitrogen fixing acacias in the orchard (foreground).

Steps to a Wind Protected Garden & Home Derek & Hazel

Steps to the house and mint garden.

Chooks, the Ultimate Nutrient Recyclers & Poppies For Bees Derek & Hazel

Animals are integral to a healthy food system; chooks nutrient cycle and provide eggs, while the bees love the poppies!

Orchard & Avenue Planting Specification & Ripening Chart Joss & Steve


Stone Wall Implement & After Joss & Steve

Install of a stone Haha to create definition between orchard and lawn.

Orchard Wide view Joss & Steve

Orchard after one year. ``Bena Oh, thank you so much for the love, passion and care you have put into our place. We are so grateful. And yes, we are looking forward to the final phase next year. Much love and gratitude to you`` Joss