Healthy Homes

Building projects come in all shapes and sizes, from family homes to bachs’, pods, and multi-unit sustainable housing developments, such as co-housing and pakakianga.  Fundamental to Greenbridge design and builds are; healthy materials, small footprint, energy efficiency, functional and inspiringly beautiful spaces that are a joy to live in.

Kowhai House - Silver award winner

Kowhai House - Silver award Winner House of the Year 2017

kowhai House Deck & Plan

'Kowhai House' North facing deck and Plan

Mandy House; street view

'Mandy House' street view of this gorgeous 50sqm small footprint home

Mandy House side view

'Mandy House' beech timber and wrap-around durable colour steel cladding

Mandy House Interior

'Mandy House' interior feels generous and functions well as contemporary family living. An upstairs mezzanine provides a very large bedroom or second living area.

Mandy House Step storage

'Mandy House' at Greenbridge we make sure small houses make use of all available space!

Mandy House Kitchen & Weke shadow

'Mandy House' kitchen detail and the new small home's iconic kiwi vernacular looks a picture.

Toitoi House at JMW

'Toitoi House' at John Manway Pocket Neighbourhood. Small west window's allow for view shafts from the more 'public' living areas to the central common area, to help with neighbourhood connection while ensuring privacy.

Toitoi House at JMW

'Toitoi House'. Perennial garden beds on the street frontage, form a soft physical barrier while allowing the small sections maximum building coverage upto the boundary line.

Toitoi House at JMW Tall height

'Toitoi House'. The one and a half height ceilings ensure the internal small footprint feels anything but.

Toitoi House Detail & Plan

'Toitoi House' entrance deatail and small footprint plan.

Toitoi House at JMW Above view

'Toitoi House' from above. All of the pocket neighbourhood house's were installed with PV (photovoltaic) as standard.

Toitoi House at JMW Long View together

'Toitoi' and' Oioi House' together. South Island beech is stained various shades to create a warm family of houses with individual characteristics.

Bamboo House JMW

'Bamboo House' an inviting porch at John Manaway Pocket Neighbourhood

Oioi House at JMW Wide view

'Oioi House' at John Mana Way Pocket Neighbourhood. Timber fencing separates public from private spaces

Oioi House at JMW Step detail & Plan

'Oioi House'. Wide steps welcome neighbourhood visitors

Derek & Hazel's Home Urenui

Derek & Hazel's home, Urenui. GreenBridge undertook the concept design, while the build was managed by the client. Derek and Hazel desired a small home (the first step in an environmentally friendly design, as less resources are used) with a rustic contemporary feel and passive solar design

Derek & Hazel's Home Plan

Derek & Hazel's house plan, comprising 163sqm, three bedroom home with 4.4kw PV (photovoltaic) array.