Lifestyle Blocks

Includes the wider landscape, primarily from one acre up to 10 acre lifestyle blocks.  These projects focus on regenerating land, growing food (table or market), restoring watersheds, broadscale infrastructure planning (siting houses, sheds, access, watertanks, wastewater etc), shelter, riparian, specimen trees, high value forestry, integrating low impact stock management and small animal systems and sensitive ecological plantings.

Planting Plan Derek & Hazel

PLANTING PLAN. Approximately 50% of the land area has been planted with a combination of structural shelter, fodder belts, wetland revegetation and food forest. Pocket paddocks are sited on the flatter areas. ``...Hazel has her eyes on more trees. Is there the equivalent of AA for plant addicts?`` Derek

Before Long View Derek & Hazel

Hazel and Derek's site at purchase. Exposed to southerlies and westerlies with the land eroded from stock and only one mono-crop, grass. Assets include a pond for water resilience and Northerly aspect.

Earthworks Long View Derek & Hazel

Earthworks at Hazel and Derek's site, where the ecological impact was carefully weighed against the benefits. Beginning with a degraded, windswept site, earthworks enabled immediate shelter and forming of diverse growing habitats. ``Its looking brilliant up there at the moment. Really really good. Its amazing how the vision is starting to take shape!`` Derek Stevens

Closer West View Derek & Hazel

Hazel and Derek's place at year three... an abundant and diverse food growing paradise (compare to 'pastoral desert' image). Habitats that would have taken ten years were formed in a few days with diggers, with subtropical fruit being grown in the first year!

Food Forest Derek & Hazel

This image shows the emerging food forest for semi-commercial use at the Urenui Farmers market and duck pond utilising road water run-off.

Wetland Reveg, Integrated Horse, Bees and Ducks Derek & Hazel

Hazel and Derek's place. Wetland revegetation revitalises the pond, horses graze in small linked paddocks to minimise hoof damage (Hazel is an avid horse women) and integrated ducks, goats and bees (Derek undertook an apiarist course).

East View Derek & Hazel

The house and infrastructure sits snuggly nestled in the landscape at Hazel and Derek's place, protected from wind and taking advantage of sun.

Elevated North Long View Derek & Hazel

This elevated view at Hazel and Derek's demonstrates how regenerative landscapes powerfully reflect the patterns in the landscape, whereby land use match the habitat.

Sketch Concept Nukes & Lane

This is one of two SKETCH CONCEPTS for clients Nukes and Lane. They wanted a quick indication of options around diversifying and regenerating this small acreage, including integrating a waste water system and mixed pastoral and tree crops use.

Shelly & Dan Basic Sketch

This is a BASIC CONCEPT we created for Shelley & Dan, who are moving to a bare 1 acre in the country. They envisaged a relaxed, peaceful, private, sheltered oasis that is easy care and kid-friendly, with lots of natives and a couple of lambs.

Zoe & Ricky Concepts

We created these two CONCEPTS for two young couples who are downsizing and sharing a lifestyle block…. to live the good life. They want to grow most of their own food, have a great lifestyle, and have a shared social space for good times. “We digested the plans over the weekend and were all really excited with what you presented. We all favoured the first concept with the houses closer to the shed. Pretty much hits the nail on the head for all of us!” Zoe, Ricky, Min and Ryan

Jocelyn Base Plan & Solar

This is the BASE PLAN and a WINTER SUN SHADE MAP we did as part of the site assessment for clients Jocelyn and Clarkie. The sun-shade map is a very useful tool that makes a big difference to decisions made during the concept design phase... pink = full winter sun, blue = no winter sun.

Jocelyn Concepts

These are two of three CONCEPTS we created for Jocelyn & Clarkie. Their design brief: creating a sanctuary for their retirement: tranquillity, simplicity, & space…. with a sense of journey through the garden.

Pond Design & Install


Site Plan Steve & Sigrid

SITE PLAN for resource consent for siting house and ponds.

Concept Design Sigrid & Steve

BROARDSCALE CONCEPT DESIGN for house and land rural New Plymouth. Strategically sited ponds increase biodiversity. Pioneer species were planted for regeneration and firewood.

Permanent Reveg Planting Plan & Plant Images

REVEGETATION PLANTING PLAN & Pioneer species for retiring a steep Hurford Road boundary paddock.

Sector & Shelterbelt Design Pam & John

SECTOR ANALYSIS & SHELTERBELT PLAN for Pam and John's small acreage on Koru Road.

Orchard Mountain View Joss & Steve

34 Acre Galloway Stud ECOLOGICAL DESIGN & FARM PLANTING, Omata. Initial infrastructure install spanned three years, undertaken by Greenbridge.

Aerial Joss & Steve

AERIAL of galloway stud farm before implementation. Assets of the site includes the land lending itself to polycultures and close proximity to market. Challenges include, wind exposure and scarce water resource.

Concept A Joss & Steve

Galloway Stud Farm. One of three, this FUNCTIONAL DIAGRAM creates a broad-brushed, conceptual layout of one of the proposed designs, based on function. The clients brief included diversity of land use, maintain the integrity of private spaces and enhance connection to the land.

Farm Holistic Rotation Joss & Steve

Galloway Stud Farm. HOLISTIC GRAZING PLAN to improve sward diversity and resilience, mitigate compaction of soil due to stock, diversify feed and long term regeneration of soil by extensive plantings.

Sucession Joss & Steve

SUCCESSIONAL PLANNING DIAGRAM showing stages of implement.

Regenerative Features Overview Joss & Steve

REGENERATIVE FEATURES PLAN overviewing the key sustainable features of the design and implementation.

Aerial Map Emma and William

AERIAL MAP Emma and William's

Base Map Emma and William

BASE MAP Emma and William's

Sector Analysis Map Emma and William

SECTOR ANALYSIS MAP Emma and William's

Concept A Emma and William

CONCEPT A Emma and William's

Concept B Emma and William

CONCEPT B Emma and William's

Preliminary Plan Emma and William

PRELIMINARY PLAN Emma and William's

General Arrangement Plan Emma and William