A large part of the value we brings to a project, is in this last phase of Build & Install.  Great design doesn’t stop on paper and our experience shows us, that working with our own landscapers & partner builders puts us in the best position to: protect your projects intent, get optimal onsite results, and effectively manage costs.

The build and install phase of a project, is the culmination of all  planning and work that lead up to this point.  So whether your project is a landscape, a new home, or a combination of both (along with the necessary site infrastructure), GreenBridge can match you to the build partner best suited to you and your project.  We’re happy to take care of as much, or as little of this phase as you like, however we’ve found the more aspects we oversee, the better the end result and more likely it is, that the project will come in on time and on budget!


We offer a build service (turnkey design to build) locally for our designs for some of our select clients.  If your project is based in Taranaki and this service is of interest to you, then get in touch with us to find out more…


A large part of the value Greenbridge brings to your project, is in this last phase. Great design is not something that stops on paper and experience tells us that by working with our qualified landscapers, continuity of your projects intent is maintained, to get the best onsite results and effectively manage project costs.

Each project, client and site is unique, therefore we have become experts at pulling together the best team of tradies, products, suppliers and specialists needed to implement your landscape project. Whether your project is a suburban garden requiring: raised vege beds, chook coops, decks and fencing; you have a lifestyle block needing: earthworks, shelter belts, and ponds; or you have a community scaled project requiring roading, stormwater and power infrastructure – we know the best places to source your plants and who are the best contractors to undertake your work. Your Greenbridge designer remains involved through to your projects completion, ensuring that the integrity of your design flows right through…

It looks brilliant up there at the moment. Really really good. It’s amazing how the vision is starting to take shape!

Hazel and Derek, Urenui

Landscape Install
It was fantastic. It was great. Thanks!              


In order for us to move forward with the building of your home or installing of your landscape, you’ll need to finalise the scope of works you want us to undertake. It’s up to you what to include, however through experience we’ve found the more aspects of your project we manage, the better we can control project costs and project outcomes.

Please Note: we reserve the right to decline to undertake a projects implementation based on our ability to control outcomes within the scope of works selected.

The cost of building your home or installing your landscape varies with the projects scope, materials specified and quality of finish.  Most clients will however want to know their projects installation costs before undertaking the work.

Select from one of our four pricing options to best match your project…

      • Ball Park
  • Deposit of Intent 
  • Estimate 
  • Fixed Quote 

Discuss with your project manager the best pricing option suited to you and your project.

The next step is to place your order with us, and we draw up a supply and installation contract that clearly defines your chosen scope of works, the final contract value and your payment schedule.  A deposit payment is then required to secure your position within our implementation teams work schedule and allow us to order the materials needed to start work on your project.

Greenbridge provides an integrated home build and landscape install service, with what you pay when, relating to project size and scope…

Projects under $100K in value will be based on:

50% Order Deposit, 40% Delivery Payment, & 10% Completion Payment

Projects over $100K in value will vary depending on the aspects included in the projects scope of works, however they will often based on:

10% Order Deposit, 20% Establishment of Works, 20% Completion of Stage One, 20% Completion of Stage Two, 20% Completion of Stage Three, 10% Completion Payment.

  • Integration.  By taking an integrated approach to your design and implementation we have consistently found the project arrives at better end solutions, while also better controlling project timeframes and managing costs.  Selecting and engaging the right project partners means that we can deliver the projects desired outcomes, which cost the least money to develop and maintain.
  • Continuity.  We understand that design doesn’t stop on the drawing board and that in order to protect the intent of a project, it is essential that your regenerative designer continues to input into the design through to its completion. Greenbridge, as your first point of contact, is able to minimise the number of people accountable, to ensure the continuity of your vision flows from paper through to reality.
  • Value not cost.  Greenbridge works with both in-house installers and trusted project partners, who we know will meet a projects requirements around timing, cost, quality and service. This process allows us to deliver a seamless service, that in most cases doesn’t add to the price.  It’s a big task for a client to select the right tradies, which is why Greenbridge’s involvement in the build and install phase adds so much value for our clients. Should a client wish to get additional pricing, or to choose a contractor directly, Greenbridge reserves the right whether or not to subcontract that businesses services – based on our confidence that we will be able to deliver an outcome we are happy to stand behind.