Community projects are unique, to the individuals, hapu, region, budget and the intent of each project. Whether it be an eco village, papakainga, co-housing development, landscaping or community resource centre, there’s often an over-riding vision from stakeholders to enhance social connectedness and work in harmony with the environment.

Perhaps you plan to build healthy, non-toxic and affordable buildings? You may wish to grow organic food? Or live in a supportive community?  Greenbridge works together with community groups in a co-design process, to create buildings, infrastructure and landscapes that foster positive cultural and natural equity. We bring together: best practice and process; local knowledge; group facilitation experience; and professional knowledge of council regulations.   We can outline the pros and cons of various options, make recommendations and help you make informed decisions, which result in unique and regenerative design solutions that align with your project intent.

At Greenbridge we understand the crucial role community holds, in developing a more positive and regenerative future. We feel privileged to be able to work alongside local community groups, to have a part in helping transition toward more resilient and connected communities.

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Greenbridge offers a preliminary one hour, presentation of positive community projects.

Within the presentation, time is allowed for us learn a bit about your project and for your group to have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about: intentional community living; sustainability considerations; landscape and urban design for health and wellbeing; non-toxic building options; infrastructure; invisible structure; and the benefits and drawbacks of different building types…

This presentation is really a starting place to ask initial questions and find out if GreenBridge is a good fit to be part of your project team?

Our group workshops provide community groups, with the opportunity to delve deeper into the considerations of developing a resilient community project.  Whether it be a pocket neighbourhood, co-housing, papakainga, or other community project, we explore issues such as: costs; best practice; project process; what to look for in a parcel of land; pitfalls to avoid; and look at some inspirational local and international examples applicable to your project.

Where appropriate, we can facilitate a ‘holistic decision making process’ which forms the framework of your groups purpose or vision and identifies the actions and resources needed to move forward.  We customise the day to your groups needs, answering the questions unique to your situation and facilitate a process to help your group gain clarity and be inspired!

This is the workshop to get your community project rolling…


Greenbridge has designed and facilitated several large-scale community projects.  We can offer your group one off facilitation workshops at key times, or be the projects design lead – walking beside your group, to deliver a cohesive program to define, plan and build your project. 

There are so many decisions to make along the way – it can be overwhelming. We can help your group make clear, informed and consensual decisions.  We can assist you with navigating project phases, keep you on-track and if necessary hold you to your vision! The workshops and co-design packages can be either formatted along a prescribed process or be organic in response to the groups needs – discuss with us your requirements and we will put a proposal together specifically for your group and project.

Depending on your project & group, the stages where facilitation & co-design maybe useful are:

* Defining your groups brief  * Considering different legal or invisible structures  * Assessing potential parcels of land  * Stakeholder report for and/or shared vision framework  * Broadscale landscape design * Design of multi-unit dwellings  * Infrastructure design  * Documentation  * Council submission & Consent  * Build & Implementation  *  Observation and Administration & Project Management.



The pocket neighbourhood lets us have our privacy, but we are close enough to look out for each other and to have those unplanned neighbourly chin-wags. We see each other socially at times and enjoy discussing the similarities and differences in our individual homes. In the past two years, the considerable planting has naturally beautified and is often commented on by visitors. The produce that we do grow is often shared out. Rhubarb gets swapped for tomatoes, gets swapped for strawberries.

Darin Ramsay, Teacher

ManaWay Pocket Neighbourhood
Good overview of range of relevant ideas, approachable and friendly; well researched information – professional opinion, trustworthy; cost effective 

Maryanne Rossite

Group Workshop
You offer a quality service that benefits the whole community  

Nick and Daniel Diamond

Community Project
I really like the (workshop) day, the course is fun, doesn’t cost a kidney, and the information all clear and useful and the cosy atmosphere

Group Workshop