Building or renovating your home is a complex project made more difficult by ‘greenwashing’.  How do you separate truth from hype when it comes to health and sustainability?  Greenbridge’s expert home team walk beside you, using our experience to offer inspiring and regenerative outcomes that achieve your vision and meet your budget.  We can assist, whether you are renovating, tackling a new stand-alone house, or interested in a community-scale development.


Although custom design allows for bespoke solutions to suit peoples unique needs, the process results in significant upfront design costs, often without allowing the time necessary to properly consider performance, health & environmental impacts, or providing any certainty around the final build costs…

Greenbridge’s Healthy Home Plans have been developed to solve these challenges.  Having looked at what’s currently available in the market and not having found what we consider a good solution, we’ve combined the benefits from our best designs and our unique expertise, to develop a range of pre-designed plans that provide our clients with a range of home designs that deliver: lower design costs; healthier homes for to live in; better building performance; improved space use & storage; reduced ecological impact; and a defined build cost from the get go…

Now we need your help!

We’ve done the groundwork to develop a full range of floor plans and have done the research to make sure we can deliver on our promises to make green home design available for kiwis across New Zealand at around one fifth the cost of an equivalent custom design process.

Now we need input from you! in September we’re running a PledgeMe campaign and we’re looking for expressions of interest and feedback from you, our valued audience!

Click the “Healthy Home Plans Register” button below, fill in the form to let us know you’re interested, we’ll keep you up to date with our progress, and you’ll get a chance to access special pre-release plan pricing, help us decide which designs we develop first, and let us know what YOU want for your perfect, healthy home.



Although our Healthy Home Plans provide a great solution for most clients and sites, sometimes a Custom Design is still the best solution. A great home design is built on the foundations of a solid project brief, a clear understanding of the site, and knowing all relevant council and other restrictions for the site.  At Greenbridge, we design beautiful, healthy, high performance homes that consistently exceed our clients expectations.  Our team’s unique backgrounds mean we have an in-depth understanding of environmental build practices, along with the ability to create homes that maximise liveability, use space super efficiently, and minimise build costs.

Although each project and client is unique, the three tabs below outline our standard design service offers for custom home design.  Where appropriate you can mix and match the elements of each, or we can create a custom service to match your specific requirements…

Greenbridge can even help you build your healthy home.

$2495 +GST Concept Design + $2495 +GST Developed Design

Suited to clients who know what they want, are good at making decisions and keeping to them.  This service is based on a simple, single level home up to 100sqm, with a pared back design service that delivers value for money.

The concept design phase includes: a one-hour brief meeting; a simple site assessment; basic site research; and presentation of a single floorplan concept to the client.

Developed design incorporates your feedback into: a preliminary floorplan, key elevations & preliminary specification.  Giving enough detail for ballpark pricing with our builder.

Consent Documentation is priced separately at the end of the developed design phase.

$4995 +GST Concept Design + $4995 +GST Developed Design

Suited to clients wanting to consider their options and more guidance from their designer.  This service is based on a simple, mezzanine home up to 140sqm, including additional meetings.

The concept phase includes: thorough project brief development; a full site assessment & site research; presentation of two concept floor plans; and written pros & cons for each.

Developed design  includes an additional feedback meeting, prior to developing of your preliminary floorplan – which is developed into a basic 3D form & sun model; and preliminary specification.  Providing a more interactive process, this service lets you consider your options at the outset.

Consent Documentation is priced separately at the end of the developed design phase.

$6995 +GST Concept Design + $7995 +GST Developed Design

Suited to clients wanting the best possible design, this service allows enough contact time for a co-design process.  Pricing is based on a simple, double storey home up to 180sqm.

Concept design includes: thorough brief development; in-depth site assessment & research; presentation of three concept floor plans with written pros & cons, and an image board for each.

Developed design includes even more: designer contact & design development; a full textured 3D model, that along with your preliminary specification – provides a full understanding of both the interior and exterior of your new home.

Consent Documentation is priced separately at the end of the developed design phase.

I've never felt so healthy, living in such a warm, dry home. It really does make a difference to your day-to-day well-being.

Darin Ramsey

Silver Award Winning Home
Great service and product. Very personable

Sue Kelly, Kaitaki Ranges

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