Land appraisals provide property reports for various purposes: Pre-Purchase Appraisals outline the potential and pitfalls of a property before you buy; For-Sale Appraisals provide a powerful marketing tool, that outlines the regenerative and a creative vision of your property to potential buyers; and Crop-Research Appraisals outline what your property can grow and the income generation potential.

$495 +GST Walk & Talk (with take away notes) – $1495 +GST Written Report 

Buying land is a big investment, how do you know the right one?  Are there pitfalls you haven’t thought of?  Greenbridge provides expert, independent advice to help you make the best decision.

Many people buy land, blind to the realities of whether it suits their planned vision, the costs to develop, or what challenges a  property may have. We help you consider the site holistically, infrastructure, natural resources and development costs.  Because we work for you (not a realestate agent or vendor), you can trust us to outline the pros and cons of a property. After years of experience, we know a land appraisal is the best way to ensure a property matches your vision – helping you make a purchase decision with confidence.

If you’re considering multiple properties, ask our team for our multi property appraisal pricing…

$1495 +GST For-Sale Appraisal Map – $2995 +GST For-Sale Full Report 

Has your property been on the market a while?  Is it bare land, or a challenging site?  Do you want the new owners to be good stewards?  Or are you simply looking for the best sale price? Greenbridge can assess your property and provide potential buyers with a regenerative vision on how it can be developed, giving them the confidence to move forward with the purchase.

Many potential buyers struggle to visualise the potential of a landscape. We can provide an independent marketing tool, that provides this vision including: siting of buildings, structural shelter, edible plantings, and other key infrastructure.

Being able to provide buyers with the information they need, in an accessible visual format – can make the difference between receiving no offers and finding yourself in a multi-buyer situation.

$POA Concept Design & Written Feasibility

Are you considering establishing a cottage food industry or income from your land?  Do you desire to be part of the solution in reducing large agri-business and offer healthy, nutrient dense, local food? Are you unsure what you can grow on your property and where to begin?

Our Crop-Research Appraisal explores options of regenerative development for your land and focuses on it’s potential to provide diversified income.  The appraisal includes a brief summary of site conditions and where the data is available may include: rainfall, mean temperatures, sunshine hours, humidity, chilling hours, growing degree-days, ground moisture conditions, soils, & water resources on site. This information is used to narrow down the list of potential crops. Details about likely income (per ha) is included where information is available.

You (Greenbridge) offer a unique, high quality and affordable service. Helped translate and expand our vision into reality

Hazel and Derek, Urenui

Land Appraisal Service – prior to purchasing
Great service and product. Very personable

Sue Kelly, Kaitaki Ranges

For-Sale Appraisal