Is your families health important to you?  Do you want to minimise your impact on the environment, or nurture a greater connection to nature?   We’ve worked with hundreds of clients and sites to equip our team with the expertise and experience, to help you on your journey to a positive and vibrant future.

Greenbridge offers a range of property design and build services, within a regenerative framework.  We’ve found that people who want to live sustainably, often do so holistically… if you want to build a healthy home, it’s likely you also want to grow nutrient dense food and live in a connected community.  Due to this integrated approach, the range of services we offer is broad, however the consistent link is we always focus on regenerative solutions…

For people looking to buy or sell, we offer Land Appraisals.  Our Healthy Homes services include: custom and set plan design of build of small footprint and beautiful high performance homes.  Our Landscapes services include: edible and ecological gardens, lifestyle blocks & farm diversification.  We offer infrastructure design covering: alternative energy, rainwater harvesting, wastewater engineering and nutrient cycling and we pull all these services together, to provide community focussed design for resilient and connected communities.


The first thing to do, is figure out if Greenbridge is the right fit for you and your project?  This is decided in a free initial meeting, held at the Greenbridge office, or your site.  During this first meeting, we get to meet you and find out about your project, and you get to see examples of our past work and ask any questions you have.

By the end of our initial meeting, we will look to clarify: if we can give you the service you want, can do so within your budget, and whether or not you would like to work with us.  If the answer is yes, to all three of the above questions – we will either recommend one of our standard design services to proceed forward with or we may need to prepare a customised design proposal for you.


Once we’ve defined the service scope you’d like, a 50% deposit payment will be required to progress forward. Your deposit payment secures your place within your designer’s work schedule and allows them to make a start on your project.  The design phases are outlined below and may get separated  further, depending on your scope of works:

Project Brief, Site Assessment & Research.
Concept Design – making it work
Design Development – making it look right
Documentation – consent and pricing
Detail Design – sorting out the details
Build & Install – getting it made
Ask your designer for further information on these stages if you would like more detail…

As an impact enterprise, you can be sure we’ll always strive to protect both yours & the planets well being in everything we do:

  • Greenbridge remains client focused throughout your entire project – we are here to maintain the integrity of your project.
  • We approach your project holistically and will therefore find the best solutions, which cost the least money to develop & maintain.
  • Each client and every project we work on is unique, and we understand that it’s your property, not ours that we are designing for
  • Therefore rather than imposing our own tastes, we will listen to what you want, then lead you through the process of developing a regenerative solution that best fits you and your site, to create something you can be truly excited about.

The philosophies and values that guide Greenbridge’s works include: sustainable and regenerative practice; the ethics and principles of permaculture; an organic approach to growing food; the fostering of community resilience & connectedness and environmental stewardship.  Designs are functional, efficient and beautiful; prioritising local resources and skills, to ensure regenerative living is made accessible, easy and affordable.

You can find out more about our ‘tool box’ of guiding principles and philosophy