Urban and rural sites up to 1 acre (4000sqm)

You can grow abundant food in your backyard, whether you are newly arrived to Taranaki, a local creating a first garden or you need help revitalising an existing garden.  Our garden plans set you up to grow healthy, nutrient-dense food, with less pests, less disease, more joy and ease (and will save you from costly, discouraging mistakes).

Growing your own food is the biggest impact a household can have to help climate change and to transform from an industrialised food system, to a healthy and sustainable one.  An edible garden can provide organic food, natural medicines and increase mental wellbeing.  Shop less, reduce carbon miles and minimise your plastic packaging, all while eating fresher, healthier food.

There’s no one ‘right way’ to be a good food grower.  Greenbridge designs an edible or ecological garden that is specifically and creatively tailored to your needs and site.  You can move forward with confidence because the growing methods are tried and tested and sit within the bigger framework of regenerative practice.  We offer varying levels of garden design depending on the amount of detail you require, your budget and how many garden options you wish to explore…

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Property Press Articles: Smart Planning for an Edible Garden & Choosing the Right Spot for Your Fruit Trees


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