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If you want something more than a septic tank, or you have a tricky site, or you want to use your wastewater productively to grow luscious fruit, then we can help you. We’ll match you and your site to the right wastewater system, we know what systems to avoid, and if you need secondary treatment then we can save you money.

We are familiar with a range of simple, passive wastewater products that don’t need pumps, blowers, or electronics. If you have a site that means you need secondary treatment, we can find the right solution for you and your site that won’t cost the earth.

We offer a full wastewater service for rural sites and lifestyle blocks:

  • Matching you and your site to the right wastewater system.
  • Designing the wastewater system size & layout, & obtaining a building consent.
  • These are wastewater systems that are not over spec’d or overpriced. 
  • Our wastewater systems avoid ongoing costs, and support productive plantings and site resiliency.

Our wastewater design service suits people who:

  • View wastewater as a resource, and want to use it to support an edible landscape,
  • Want to do something different from a standard septic tank system, or
  • People with difficult sites (high water table, nearby waterways, or need secondary treatment).

Greywater (from the kitchen, shower/bath, hand-basins, and laundry) can be safely used to support vegetables, berries, and fruit trees. Blackwater (from the toilet) can be safely used to support fruit trees and other tree crops.

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