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Greenbridge's team of regenerative design specialists is based in Ngāmotu, Taranaki and work across the fields of: architecture; interior design; landscapes; permaculture; horticulture; ecological engineering; regenerative farm planning; wastewater; and project management.

Greenbridge’s strength comes from their team’s holistic and multi-disciplined approach to social and environmental kaitiakitanga (stewardship).
We’ve purposefully built a team from varied backgrounds, to enable us to think outside the square and address environmental and social problems in creative and unique ways. Combining their range of professional skills, experience and expertise, to develop sustainable homes, landscapes and communities in a way that reflects the individual needs and vision of each brief and client.

As an ‘impact enterprise’, Greenbridge strives for all its projects – little or large – to have positive environmental, economic and social impact.

Bena Denton

Ecological Landscape Designer – Director

B.Des (Interior Architecture),
Diploma in Permaculture,
Certificate in Organic Horticulture.

Bena has worked in the fields of interior architecture, lighting design and landscape design, before co-founding Greenbridge with business partner and husband Daniel Woolley. Bena specialises in edible, sensory and healing landscapes, that nurture the health and wellbeing of families, schools and communities.

“As an ecological landscape designer, I’m passionate about growing nutrient dense food, creating healthy landscapes, that support and engage community and which are
responsive to context”.

027 2311 119  |  [email protected]

Daniel Woolley

Healthy Home Specialist – Director

B.Des (Industrial Design),
Permaculture Cert., Te Ara Reo Māori Lvls 1-3, NZGBC Qualified Homestar Practitioner.

Daniel leverages his experience in manufacturing and the building industry, to find solutions for clients that are efficient, beautiful, healthy and affordable. As a lateral thinker, he enjoys pulling together the resources required to achieve a client’s vision. He has the ability to work from the big picture through to detail, and recognises that success is a result of a highly competent team.

“My bigger purpose is to support people back into connection with their communities and surrounding environment in order to heal people and our planet.”

021 368 521  |  [email protected].

Kama Burwell

Ecological Landscape Designer & Engineer

B. Eng (Honours) Natural Resources, 
Dipl. Permaculture, Dipl. Te Ara Reo Māori.
Certificate in Terraquaculture.

As a longstanding practitioner and teacher of permaculture, Kama draws on her deep knowledge of ecological processes, terraquaculture and permaculture, to deliver design solutions that create highly productive landscapes, while healing them. She also has a keen focus on building community resilience & connection.

“I’m passionate about healing watersheds and creating super-productive landscapes.  I love working with our clients to really understand their vision, share my knowledge and help them bring their vision into reality.”

022 081 6150  |  [email protected]

Luke De Villiers

Architectural Designer

B.Des (Industrial), Visual Arts Cert.

Trained and qualified in industrial design,
Luke has spent the last seven years,
designing yachts and boats, with this giving him advanced skills in designing compact, beautiful and functional spaces, which makes a perfect compliment for our home team.

“I believe that all design can be functional, practical and beautiful, without being wasteful.”

027 200 9071  |  [email protected]

Jack Turner

Architectural Draftsman

Diploma in Architecture.

Jack has over 16 years of structural and civil drafting experience in New Zealand & abroad. With a passion for residential architecture design & detailing, Jack’s excited to be focussing on drafting our healthy home plans.

“I believe that everyone should have a choice to live in a healthy and beautiful home, that minimises our impacts on the earth”

027 424 1421  |  [email protected]

Greenbridge's commitment to holistic and regenerative design extends beyond just their team in Ngāmotu, Taranaki. They have forged partnerships with architects in New Plymouth and builders in New Plymouth to collaborate on larger projects that require additional expertise and resources. By working closely with these local professionals, Greenbridge is able to expand their impact and offer their clients a wider range of services.

Whether it's a sustainable home, a community development project or a regenerative farm plan, Greenbridge's team of specialists and their network of partners bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project. With architects in New Plymouth and builders in New Plymouth on board, they are able to deliver truly unique and innovative designs that not only meet their clients' needs but also have a positive impact on the environment and the community.

At Greenbridge, they believe that regenerative design is the key to creating a sustainable future. By working together with architects New Plymouth and builders New Plymouth, they are able to share their vision and expertise with a wider audience, inspiring others to join them in their mission. With a focus on environmental, economic and social impact, Greenbridge new plymouth builders are leading the way in sustainable design and building practices in Taranaki and beyond.

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