The first thing to do, is establish whether GreenBridge is the right company to help with your project? This is determined in a free initial consultation, held at either the GreenBridge offices or your site. During this meeting, we explain our services, you’ll see examples of our past projects and you have the opportunity to ask all the questions you might have about how we work.

Aside from meeting you and finding out about your project, the three key things we will establish during this first meeting are:

  1. Can we deliver you the service or outcomes of real value to you?
  2. Can we do this within your budget?
  3. Are we a business you would like to work with?

If the answer is yes to all three questions, then we move on to step two…

Service Options

As GreenBridge is a holistic design through to implement business, we cover a wide range of services and can provide anything from just a few hours advice, right through to a complete design and build solution for every aspect of your property project. Choose from one of our standard flat fee services, ask us to provide you with a custom fixed fee proposal, or we can work on an hourly rate, plus materials basis.

Service Proposal

By the end of your initial consultation, we may already have a good enough understanding of your project to either recommend one of our standard service packages, or be able to provide you with a customised service proposal to meet your needs. However, should your project’s size or complexity require more than three hours input from our team to generate your proposal, or need a deeper understanding, in order for us to provide you with a proposal that meets your needs, we will require a deposit payment in order to schedule and undertake this work.

Deposit Payment

Regardless of whether we are able to offer a service proposal immediately, or require further information to do so, a deposit payment will be required to progress beyond your initial consultation. The value of your deposit it determined by the value of the service you are asking us to undertake for you, with either 50% of your defined service being invoiced, or in the case we need to do more work before determining your services value, a ‘deposit of intent’ valued at $1000 +GST, will be required (with this deposit being credited toward the final value of your service once defined). Payment of your service deposit allows your designer to schedule & make a start on your project work.

Design Brief, Site Assessment & Research

In order to provide you with the solution that meets your needs and works well with your site, we will complete a design brief that allows us to “get inside your head” and design specifically for you. We will also undertake a site assessment and complete all the background research around your site, so that our design responds to your site and takes into account any restrictions that need to be considered.

Feasibility Study

The scope of some projects warrants a preliminary process of looking at the overall project’s feasibility in terms of outcomes, costs or simply which approach to follow moving forward. If this is the case for you, we can provide you with a feasibility service to ensure that we have chosen the right approach, prior to you committing to the cost of a full design service.

Concept Design – Making it work

Once we’re confident our proposed service will provide the outcomes required and your project, we proceed onto the concept design phase. The aim of this stage is to arrive at a design layout that meets the functional requirements of your project brief in a way you can be truly excited about. The ideas in this stage are usually presented in plan (birds eye) view, with ideally 2-3 options being considered – before resolving on a final layout (this process provides confidence that the best path is chosen & avoids timely and expensive re-draws later in the process).

Builder Input

If your project includes a significant building aspect, we will often include the input of our builder at the end of the concept design phase, to ensure we are providing the most efficient and effective solutions.

Design Development – Making it look right

After the overall layout of your projects has been decided and a preliminary plan arrived at, we start to introduce more focus on the aesthetic form. This takes the form of elevations, sketches and if required (and your budget allows), a 3D computer model. We also start looking closer at materials and structure – leading us toward the next stage in the process…

QS Costing

The completion of design development is the second opportunity to get input from our builders & you also have the option of using our quantity surveyor to complete a preliminary pricing to ensure the developed design will come in on budget, prior to committing to completing your documentation.

Design Documentation – Controlling the quality & cost

Defining the materials and specification has the second biggest impact on cost following size, design & siting. The documentation process creates a full set of plans and specifications, which allow for accurate pricing, council consent and construction to be undertaken. Once complete we then price your project with the contractors that will best fit your unique requirements of budget, quality, service, style and timeframe. We will submit any consent applications to council on your behalf and work.

Detail Design – Sorting out the details

The last stage of the design process before getting started on implementation is detail design. This stage can incorporate any of the aspects not yet covered in the design process and might include: kitchen & interior design, deck & step design, right through to a fire pit or outdoor pizza oven… Really this stage is about designing the aspects that are important to you that haven’t already been covered.

Implementation Pricing

Depending on your project and preferences, we can price the implementation of your project based on an hourly rate plus charge up on materials, or if you want the security of a fixed price, we can provide a fixed fee. Depending on your projects size and complexity, pulling together all the costs needed to create a complete implementation service can be a big undertaking. GreenBridge will therefore often charge a fee for this service, crediting this fee against the price of undertaking the work through GreenBridge and our contractors.

It’s up to you – pay us to uplift your design and price your project with your own contractors, then manage your projects implementation, or GreenBridge can provide you with pricing options that keep you in control of both the quality and cost of the final implementation. Select from the options given and have us take care of as much or as little of your projects implementation as you want…

Order Placement, Contract & Payment

Once you have chosen the options you would like to include in your projects implementation, GreenBridge generates a Supply & Installation Contract, which
outlines the projects scope, its final value and your payment schedule. A deposit payment is required to secure your place in our contractors work schedule and allow us to order the materials necessary to start work on your project. GreenBridge provides a holistic service for both the built environment & landscaping, project sizes & scopes can greatly vary, with the three payment structures being used…

Staged Payments

Based on the planned works valued over $100K 10% deposit, 20% foundations, 20% frame up, 30% lock up 10% fixing stage, 10% practical completion (these percentages are indicative and will often change to match the deliverables of a specific project).

3-Payment Order

Based on orders valued under $100K

50% Order Deposit, 40% Delivery Payment, 10% Completion Payment.Interim Payments – projects that are complex or run over longer periods, may include interim payments.

Interim Payments

Projects that are complex or run over longer periods, may include interim payments.


Projects vary greatly from property to property and client to client, with the design &
implement timeframes being set to match the specific project requirements and restrictions…

Design timeframes are outlined as part of GreenBridge’s Service Proposal and are dependent on the client’s ability to make and keep to decisions and provide us with any information required promptly. Implementation timeframes are likewise outlined as part of your Supply & Installation Agreement and are dependant on site access and depending on the work being done, the weather.


As a holistic design and implement business, GreenBridge remains customer focused throughout the entire project. We look at the whole project and are therefore able to find the best solutions, which cost the least money to develop and maintain. Put simply, we help our clients to create: regenerative landscapes, beautiful small footprint and healthy homes, within resilient and connected communities.

Each client and every project we work on is different, and we understand that it’s your property, not ours that we are designing for. Therefore you can rest assured that rather than imposing our own tastes, we will listen to what you want, then lead you through the process of developing a solution that best fits you and your site, to create something you can be truly excited about.

The philosophies and values that guide Greenbridge’s works include: sustainable and regenerative practice; the ethics and principles of permaculture; an organic approach to growing food; the fostering of community resilience and environmental stewardship. Designs are functional, efficient and beautiful; prioritizing local resources & skills, to ensure regenerative living is made accessible, easy & affordable.

Give us a call and let us help you bring your regenerative dreams for your property to life…