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The Science of Shelterbelts

Aug 16, 2019
SHELTERBELTS – so much more than just shelter from the wind.  Single row, single species, trimmed shelterbelts have ...
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Choosing the Right Spot for Your Fruit Trees

Aug 14, 2019
Identifying your site’s “habitats” is the most important factor in matching the right fruit or nut tree to the righ ...
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Smart Planning for an Edible Garden

Jul 18, 2019
Get the relationships right between elements in your garden, to maximise efficiency and abundance, writes Bena Dent ...
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Planting Tips for Super Big and Super Juicy ...

Nov 24, 2016
by ecological designer Bena Denton…. I’m not into peeling puny garlic cloves. I am after big juicy bulbs that are q ...
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